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We provide tender services for up to twelve persons including luggage, with a radius of action of 60 nautical miles from Den Helder.

With a full speed of 18 knots, supplies such as tools, food, and equipment will get to the right place in no time. Crew changes as well as supplying provisions for you and your crew are carried out quickly and safely. We will deliver you and your crew to a platform, to vessels anchored off-shore, or to other vessels located in the North or Wadden Seas. Of course, your goods and crew are properly insured against damage or other calamities during their journey. Our more than 12 years of experience in tender services will set your mind at ease about travelling the seas with us!

Our ports of departure include Den Oever, IJmuiden, Rotterdam, Lauwersoog and other ports on request. We are available 24/7 from Den Helder or Oudeschild (Texel).


Docked at Texel near Den Helder: 15 minutes.
Radius of action from Den Helder: 60 nautical miles